After the Wimbledon 1R loss against Micha Zverev, Bernard Tomic, accused of not trying said that he is bored of tennis. Bernard Tomic lack of motivation during the match was crystal clear, fact which he also admitted at the press conference. Asked if he had thought of donating the money received for the first round (35.0000 £), he said that he is playing for money and doesn’t want to do that. He also mentioned that if Federer and Djokovic (the most richest tennis players of all time) would donate the prize money, he will do the same. The Australian added that maybe at 35 years old he will donate for charity.

The Australian players is known to have a difficult behaviour on court. We found out the best moments to evidence the “bad boy of tennis” Bernard Tomic lack of motivation during the years.

1. Bernard Tomic lack of motivation: worst shots and misses during the years

2. Bernard Tomic asks for his father to be removed from the arena

3. Bernard Tomic arrested

4. Miami crowd boos Bernard Tomic’s effort 2013 Miami Masters 1000

5. Bernard Tomic loses driving license

6. MATCH FIXING ALERT: Bernard Tomic’s strange way to return Fabio Fognini’s serve

7. Worst shot in tennis history by Bernard Tomic

8. Bernard Tomic wants his umbrella NOW

9. MATCH FIXING ALERT: Bernard Tomic tanks against Darcis

10. Bad sportmanship from Bernard Tomic as Alexander Dolgopolov gets upset after bad call

Photo source: Herald Sun


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