In this article I will show you some of the reasons why Novak Djokovic, despite being the best player in the world right now, doesn’t have a good attitude on court on many occasions. There are many situation in which he argues with the umpires, sweares or disrespect tennis rules. I made a short collection with some of the most important moments where Nole showed off his real attitude and arrogance on the court.

  • 2016 Rome Final Match against Andy Murray

Djokovic was about to lose the match and started to complain at the umpire that the conditions are unlike for the players to continue the game. Whatever the conditions were, they affected both players, not just Novak, so he had no real reason to complain.

  • 2014 Shanghai Match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

During a point in the second set, Tsonga hit a slice on the line, but a late call by the linesman called the ball out. Djokovic raised his hand before the linesman called the ball out to challenge it, but the the linesman called it out. Tsonga challenged the ball then and it proved to be right on the line. The chair umpire gave the point to Tsonga, which made Novak very frustrated and angry, arguing with the umpire that “he was on the ball” and could have hit the shot. I totally agree with Nole that he was on the ball, but why did he firstly raise the hand to challenge the ball as being out?

  • 2014 Miami Quarter Final against Andy Murray

Novak Djokovic hit a volley with his racket being half in the court of his opponent, but the empire didn’t notice that and gave the point to Nole.

  • 2013 Shanghai Quarter Final match against Gael Monfils

Djokovic sweared in Serbian very bad word after Monfils won a point in the deciding set at the score 2-2.

  • 2013 Roland Garros Semi Final against Rafael Nadal

Djokovic touched the net immediately after hitting a smash. Of course Nadal won the point, because the rule says that if the ball hasn’t bounced twice and a player touches the net, then he loses the point. At the press conferrence after the match, Djokovic said that didn’t know about this rule before.

  • 2013 Madrid 2nd round Match against Grigor Dimitrov

After taking the second set in the tie-break, with 10-8, Djokovic began to swear at the Spanish spectators in Serbian and Spanish, saying the word “Puta” several times.

  • 2013 Indian Wells R16 Matc against Sam Querry

After winning a very important point in the second set tie-break, Novak started to swear very badly in Serbian, looking to his team.

Novak Djokovic smashed several times his racket on court, a sign of disrespect for the opponent, chair umpire, spectators on the court and any other tennis fans. In comparison with the two other great players of his era, Roger Federer has smashed only one racket in his career, whereas Rafael Nadal has never smashed a racket.

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  1. He also cheats, playing dead when things aren’t working for him, taking unnecessary MTO’s and pretending to be hurt. The last Australian Open final match vs. Andy Murray being a prime example.

  2. There should be penatlies for the tennis players who misbehave or who make mistakes on court. He should not be a top player when doesn’t know the rules of the game.

  3. I have been a Tennis Fan for 37 years. Penalties should be given at once
    For this behavior. Young players see it. So much talent so little control.
    It is in the women’s game as well.


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