Privacy policy

SEMAINESPORTIF.COM respects the confidentiality rights of its customers and users and does its best to protect their personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001.
Information about SEMAINESPORTIF.COM users is used depending on the contractual form they have with the institution, so the usage patterns described below differ from category to category.

Purpose of the use of personal data by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM

SEMAINESPORTIF.COM collects, records, organizes, stores, adapts, modifies, extracts, consults, uses and, in some cases, transmits your personal data to manage, maintain, improve, and obtain feedback on the services it provides, such as And to prevent errors and leaks of information through your own IT network, law violations or contract terms.
Your personal data can also be used to customize the SEMAINESPORTIF.COM services as much as possible, as well as for marketing purposes.
The personal data collected by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM refer to: the user’s name and surname, gender, date and place of birth, citizenship, civil status data, telephone / fax, address, e-mail, profession, place of residence Work, training, family situation, economic and financial situation, data on possessed goods, habits / preferences / behavior. In some cases, such as contests, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM may request participants the personal numerical ID as well as the serial number and ID number.


If you have a contract withSEMAINESPORTIF.COM, we may contact you to obtain feedback on the contracted service so as to improve its quality.
Also, if you have agreed, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM may contact you to inform you of other services you are not subscribed to but may be of interest to you. You may be invited to join a promotional campaign or a free trial. In addition, you may be invited to events organized by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM.
SEMAINESPORTIF can contact you by courier, telephone, e-mail or fax. You have the right to communicate at any time that you no longer wish to be contacted by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM by means of direct marketing.
SEMAINESPORTIF.COM collects and updates information about service customers and users of their sites as well as about the providers they regularly interact with. It can obtain this information either directly from you or from third parties, or automatically, with the use of SEMAINESPORTIF.COM services, through cookies and traffic reports generated by the servers hosting the SEMAINESPORTIF.COM site.

Information provided directly by the user

Refers to your contact details provided for registration, login and payment details, customer support, participation in events, contests, market research questionnaires. It may also consist of details about your interests and consumption habits. Also, in order to increase the security of the data you access, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM may also ask you for the IP address from which you visit your site.
Information collected by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM
If you are a SEMAINESPORTIF.COM customer, through traffic data, the agency collects information and
How you use the services you are subscribed to, such as the type of data you are accessing, and when you access this information.
Through its IT system, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM can obtain data on the number of records on the site, the networks from which these records are made, the systems and information accessed, the details of the user and the agent of the Agency’s electronic messages, the place where access is made SEMAINESPORTIF.COM site, duration of stay on site, and time and date of visits.
If the user does not sign up for the site, he can access it anonymously.

Gathering statistical data through Google Analytics

For collecting statistical data on accessing the site, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM uses the data collection service from Google Analytics. SEMAINESPORTIF.COM has implemented anonymous data collection for the following services: demographics and interest reporting, remarketing, reporting to Google Display Network (GDN Impression Reporting), and integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager. You may choose not to participate in anonymous data collection by following the instructions in this link.

Archiving personal data

SEMAINESPORTIF.COM archives the information in its databases, such as site administration areas. This information is kept and used by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM in order to be able to meet its contractual terms and to provide new and better services to its clients. SEMAINESPORTIF may also retain the data of its registered users in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force and after the contractual relationship between the two parties has ceased.

Access to personal data

If your employer has subscribed to a service on your behalf, we may provide information about using that service. Also, if you are the contact person in an organization to provide a service, we may send data to more than one employee to access that service.

Access to personal data by third parties

SEMAINESPORTIF.COM does not sell or lease databases to third parties. Also, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM does not disclose and disclose information to third parties unless expressly agreed to do so.
If you choose to share data with other SEMAINESPORTIF.COM sites or services, you should be aware that they may have different confidentiality and data collection practices that SEMAINESPORTIF.COM has no control or responsibility.
In some cases, SEMAINESPORTIF.COM may transmit your personal data to institutions that are competent or relevant to its activity (eg, software vendors, stock exchange) so that they can check the distribution of information or services in order to be remunerated. In this sense, they may confront SEMAINESPORTIF.COM data with the data they own. If such transfers take place, you will be notified unless the third parties are subcontractorsSEMAINESPORTIF.COM, database administrators (eg e-mail marketing companies) or government-mandated authorities.
SEMAINESPORTIF.COM does not transfer personal data outside of the country.


The SEMAINESPORTIF.COM site ( uses cookies. Cookies are data stored on the user’s hard disk containing user information. Using a cookie mechanism is a benefit to the visitors. For example, by entering a cookie on, it will be enough for a user to log on to the site once with the password, thus gaining time while browsing our site. If the user rejects a cookie, he can still use the site. Cookies help us track and segment our users’ interests to enhance the experience of visiting our site. Some of our business partners use cookies on our site (for example, advertisers). However, we do not have access to and can not control these cookies.

Newsletters and alerts

Some of the EMAINESPORTIF.COM services allow users to receive newsletters and emails via e-mail or the classic e-mail. You can always choose to stop receiving such notifications with just one click on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter / alert.
Your access to SEMAINESPORTIF.COM services is, in most cases, based on a username and a password. We recommend that you do not disclose the password to anyone, even people who say they are contacting you from SEMAINESPORTIF.COM. For a high level of security, at the end of the visit to SEMAINESPORTIF.COM, close the browser window you worked on or click on “Log out” on the page you are in. SEMAINESPORTIF.COM is not Responsible for the security of the data you send to us.

User Rights

Any user of SEMAINESPORTIF.COM may at any time, by specific means, exercise the following rights:
– obtain, once a year, the confirmation that their data is processed or not
– Interfere with transmitted data
– oppose the processing of personal data concerning them
– request data deletion
– address the Justice


For any other information regarding the collection, archiving and protection of personal data, please send us an email at office [at]


These Privacy Terms are updated as often as needed. Changes will be reflected in the type of information published or transmitted by SEMAINESPORTIF.COM. Please read these terms and conditions periodically to keep up with what information collects, uses and transmits SEMAINESPORTIF.COM.
The most recent update of these Privacy Policies took place on July 12, 2017.