Novak Djokovic was scheduled to play the 4th round Wimbledon match against Adrian Mannarino on court no. 1 after Rafael Nadal’s match against Gilles Muller. Rafa played a marathon match against Muller which lasted 4 hours and 51 minutes. The Centre Court was free after Roger Federer won in straight sets against Grigor Dimitrov. So…I come up with a BIG QUESTION…  Why Novak Djokovic didn’t play on the Centre Court?

Good question, isn’t it? Even if he was scheduled on the Court No.1, Djokovic could have played on the Centre Court after Federer finished his match according to the fact that Rafa Nadal match against Muller was going into a decider which ended 15-13 for Muller.

So why Novak Djokovic didn’t play on the Centre Court?

I’ll tell you why.Novak Djokovic didn’t play on the Centre Court because Wimbledon organisers favor just the great Roger Federer, who is 7 times Wimbledon champions. They decided to put Nole to play today on Center Court instead of yesterday, which means he will play next day again in case he beats Mannarino. It is not the first time when top seeds like Djokovic and Nadal didn’t play on the Centre Court of Wimbledon are were scheduled instead on Court no. 1 or Court no. 1. Not to mention that Nole is seed no. 2 this year, whereas Federer is just seed no. 3.

I think he will qualify in the quarter final as Nole is currently leading with 1 set 6-2 and 4-2 in the second set against Adrian Mannarino. Watch LIVE VIDEO the mach HERE.

Of course Federer will always play just on the Centre Court. I bet that if you ask Roger he even doesn’t know the other courts from Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

I don’t want to be rude, but I see that almost everyone wants Roger Federer to win Wimbledon: the organisers, most of the fans, the media. Everybody is talking about the Grand Slam 19 which will be remembered forever in the history. Even the commercials on television are prepared for this to be happening as if it is certain 100%. So, in this case, I think Wimbledon organisers should just give him the trophy. I don’t want to go too far, but it looks like it is a conspiracy for Federer to win and to prove his amazing comeback to to everyone.

He is aged almost 36, he hadn’t won a Grand Slam until this year since 2012, and now he comes back and wins everything? Something is wrong, even for the greatest player of all time.

Why do other players struggle to play when everything is arranged for Federer’s historical triumph? Djokovic is not anymore the perfect player from last year, Murray is struggling to win matches, Nadal is out of the competition, Wawrinka lost in the first round.

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  1. The unfair bias for a Federer or Murray win is noted by everyone and the Wimbledon Org. and the pro Federer ATP should hang their heads in shame BUT THOSE THAT LIE, CHEAT AND HAVE NO INTEGRITY ALSO HAVE NO SHAME!!! Federer, himself, said he was happy and grateful that the All England Club __CHOSE__ him over Djokovich and Nadal to get center court. Even Federer knows the fix is in.

  2. Thank you for articulating what many fans are thinking about this gross attempt to orchestrate a Federer, Murray final at any cost. This is not a tournament , this is the tennis mafias coronation for Roger Federer. I would say the ATP and the Wimbledon Org. should hang their heads in shame, but as we know, liars. cheaters and those with no integrity have no shame!


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