Tennis is the most popular individual sport in the world with more than 1 billion fans. You may wonder who are the richest tennis players of all time. According to prize money wins, we have searched throughout statistics and discovered the list of the richest tennis players of all time.

There is no surprise that the first places are dominated by the BIG 4 (Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray), followed by the the greatest tennis rivalry of the old generation: Sampras and Agassi. Then Stan Wawrinka and David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych and Boris Becker complete the top 10 list of richest tennis players of all time.

It is known that tennis has not the same popularity as singles. The best doubles players of all time, Bob and Mike Bryan are just on the 27th and 29th place in this ranking of the most richest tennis players of all time.

Tennis Legends like John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver are not among the TOP 40 richest tennis players of all time by prize money. McEnroe is just the 41th player ranked by prize money, Borg is on the 205th place, whereas Laver is just the 418th player on this list.

richest tennis players of all time

You can check the full list of richest tennis players of all time HERE.

Richest tennis players of all time: Prize money increasingly every year

An interesting fact is that among the TOP 40 ATP richest tennis players of all time by prize money, 17 players are non-active players. It is very interesting considering that prize money are increasingly every year with almost 15%. In 2000 the US Open champion Marat Safin received 800.000$, while the 2014 Roland Garros runner-up Simona Halep received 800.000$. I think this tells very much of the tennis prize money evolution during the past 10-15 years. Let’s see the list below.

The sad fact for the tennis world is that there is just this select group of players who are winning 90% of the prize money given by all the tournaments accros the year.

The Ukrainien Sergiy Stakhovsky said in an interview that if the loses in the first two rounds of a tournament, his money balance is negative. Because he has to play for him and the entire team the plane tickets (business class), the hotel and the salaries of his team members. Being a top 100 ATP players doesn’t mean that you are rich at all. Just the TOP 10-20 players have enough money to be considered rich and receive special treatments at the tournament. Moreover, all the money from sponsors go to them, not the other players. A player ranked about 100 in the world should be thankful to receive 15000$ a year for wearing their equipment.

Tennis is not just a sport anymore, it became in the past 20-25 years huge a business both for tournament owners/directors and players.

After the Wimbledon 1R loss against Micha Zverev, Bernard Tomic, accused of not trying said that he is bored of tennis. Asked if he had thought of donating the money received for the first round (35.0000 £), he said that he is playing for money and doesn’t want to do that. He also mentioned that if Federer and Djokovic (the most richest tennis players of all time) would donate the prize money, he will do the same. The Australian added that maybe at 35 years old he will donate for charity.

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